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Show Room Etiquette

General Guideline:

The American Waterslager Society puts on what are called open shows. In a closed show the birds are staged in front of the judge in a room all by himself. Open shows allow the public and the breeders to listen to the contestants. All rules and suggested behaviors are intended to give all competitors equal, fair and unbiased judging. Persons compromising this principle could be asked to leave the judging room.

1. Enter and leave the room only when birds are being changed. Usually about every 20 minutes.

2. Keep the identity of birds (including your own) confidential.

3. As the new birds enter the room and during judging, avoid talking, distracting movements or rustling papers.

4. Do not interact with the Judge in any fashion. Ideally the Judge should not know who is present. If the Judge chooses to interact with the audience, take part in an unbiased manner and then revert to this rule.

5. Positive or negative comments concerning the judging are discouraged. Good sportsmanship dictates acceptance of the Judges decisions as made in good faith.

6. Direct questions or concerns to the Show Secretary. The Stewards will be happy to find the Secretary for you. Written comments concerning show procedures are solicited and will be reviewed with the Board of Directors after the show.

7. Help the Stewards and other volunteers if asked.

8. Do not criticize entries when in the Bird room or Judging room; do
not praise your own birds.

9. Be a good sport. Be part of a solution, not part of a problem. Remember we are judging Canaries, not the breeder.

10. Have fun, relax, listen and learn about Waterslagers.

Breeders only have one or two times a year in which they can get their birds scored by certified judges. This equates to having a whole breeding season come down to 20 minutes to be accurately scored. Distractions while in the judging room can jeopardize the ability of the canary to sing his best.

Our judging rooms are open to all visitors; we just ask that you follow these common sense guidelines to further a positive learning experience.

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