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AWS roster information is private and only given to members. However, many non-members ask for breeder recommendations, either to get started in the hobby, or to find a good quality pet. So, this Breeder Referral List was established as a voluntary way for AWS members to authorize contacting them about obtaining American Waterslager canaries.

The purpose of the AWS website Breeder's List is to promote the Waterslager via the internet. Shipping birds is becoming more difficult. There is nothing like actually listening to the birds, and meeting members. It is our intent to assist people in locating responsible breeders who have the Waterslager's best interest at heart.

The American Waterslager Society or its officers assumes no responsibilities for claims of its members, regarding either quality or health of their birds. This information is provided to the public for convenience, buyers and sellers assume all risks!

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If you are interested in being listed on the AWS Breeder Referral List, you need to be a member in good standing.

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Are you looking to purchase a Waterslager canary?

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Join the AWS, American Waterslager Society. When you join AWS, you will receive a membership list. This list will give you contacts in your area. You will have a ready resource of people to call for information and assistance.

2. Buy the best birds you can find. The price between an average trio and a great trio is well worth the difference. A good male will bring you many years of enjoyment and well worth the added price.

3. All pedigree Waterslagers should be banded with an AWS or European band. Ask the seller to explain the band information to you. Each band contains the breeders id number, the year born and the individual bird number.

4. Seller should furnish pedigrees on all birds sold. You need to know the background in order to maintain and breed quality birds.

5. Call several breeders and listen to their birds. Ask if their birds have been scored. Make your selection after you've done some research and know the song you're looking for. Start your search in the early fall, so you will be ready to obtain a bird when the breeder is confident of the quality and the birds are singing their trained song. Have patience and make a good knowledgable choice.

6. Waterslagers are available in two colors only - yellow or white. A tic or smudge of black is acceptable.

7. This webpage has a list of breeders, but it is only a small portion of breeders. It will give you a start. There are also scores from previous shows posted. This will give you an idea of the quality of bird to be looking for.

8. Listen to the birds you are going to purchase. Make sure you are getting what you want. Don't buy a Waterslager because someone has them for sale. I strongly believe you won't be disappointed if you take the time and buy a good bird from someone who will let you listen to them and explain the differences in notes you hear

9. Bring a cage with you - perches should all be at a lower level for transport. Have a dark cloth or towel to cover cage. Ask the breeder for a sample of seed to feed your bird until it get accustomed to your seed mix. The breeder should also be willing to give you care instructions if you need them.

Hope this helps.





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