The Song of the Waterslager Canary

Here is are samples of Waterslager song. These recordings are intended to demonstrate how, through proper handling, a 1996 waterslager maintained its distinguishing song to date.

Waterslager Song 1
Waterslager Song 2

The American Waterslager Society has recorded some of the best waterslagers of North America;

The 15 minutes tape is commented by the first Amercian Waterslager Judge and President of the AWS, Tom Trujillo. It is a very good start to learning the Waterslager song and will surely entice you to hear a live Waterslager as soon as possible.

AWS is now selling this song tape at $10 + $3 shipping in the USA. To place an order, please contact :

Tom Trujillo
556 S. Cactus Wren
Gilbert, Arizona 85296

Song Mentoring

Tom Trujillo continues to offer song mentoring sessions over the phone to AWS members. This service is available after 7PM weekdays and from 10AM - 7PM on weekends. He will answer call waiting, and schedule next caller(s). He will listen to your birds over the phone and give you some suggestions.

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